Ashwood Academy

Ashwood Academy Episode 10 - Reunited but Divided

Vivian dreams she is in a dark pool of cool water with writhing organic shapes and blue lights. She swims upward and is on the edge of a pool a half-mile across in a dark chamber with halogen lights on the ceiling and old machinery. There is a thin, pale man a little ways away from her, and he starts asking her abstract questions about why “she brought him here” and mentioning that “it’s scary here.” Vivian tries to walk off, but the teenage boy asks her if she would do him a favor; when she says yes, she wakes up remembering everything about the dream. She tells Chloe about it, and they put together that the boy from Chloe’s dream about the forest and wolf creature may be the same spirit/entity.

Sabine wakes up feeling like a Paranoid Vampire and reluctantly goes to breakfast. She meets Molly there, who is sitting with fellow newspaper members. Sabine becomes convinced that Molly is saying things about her vampirism; she looms behind her and asks Molly if “they need to talk.” People around them start to get uncomfortable and slowly leave, but Sabine stops them. Sabine confronts Molly, who is sheepish and confused. Sabine walks off and sits with some Morrigan Hall people. The headmaster shows up and says that classes are proceeding as normally scheduled today. Seeing the headmaster, Sabine gets chills down her spine and doesn’t quite understand why.
Classes begin with various students missing in each. Sabine and Molly attend class as normal.

Back at Monmouth, Vivian and Chloe sneak through campus to Dr. Greenwald’s office. They wait near his office on a bench looking at “notes” until Dr. Greenwald arrives. Chloe and Vivian enter his office and OBTAIN INFORMATIONS x2 (KEY ITEM) FROM A MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION WITH HIM AND THEN THEY LEAVE. (to be re-done with Josh). In reality, Vivian gets bored while they have a conversation about technical magic stuff and she daydreams about what she would do with magic: as it turns out, it entails flying on a dragon made of skulls while shooting thunderbolts from her guitar. They leave and find Butler arguing with a security officer next to his car. Vivian rushes past them into the car with Chloe and they leave.

Mr. Brown is missing from class, but Mr. Alvarez is substituting and collects the homework. Molly and Sabine complete a day of classes. Molly goes to the newspaper room. Sabine calls Butler, who confirms that he has Chloe and Vivian and is returning. Sabine goes to find Ms. O’Brien in her classroom and asks her about Mr. Brown. She says that he is “taking some vacation days,” to which Sabine questions whether or not he was still in the hospital. Ms. O’Brien clarifies that to her understanding, he is fine. Ms. O’Brien mentions that Ms. Jefferson, Ms. Alberts and Nurse Hunter are acting as counselors for the students, but Sabine says she would rather talk to Ms. O’Brien instead. Sabine talks about how she is “not feeling like herself” and may be “having a brain tumor?” Sabine realizes that she doesn’t remember large portions of yesterday, and Ms. O’Brien recommends that she see the nurse.

Molly asks around at the newspaper room about gossip about what’s happened over the weekend; the most popular idea is that the school is a ranch for aliens or that they’re all inside a kid’s snow globe.

When Chloe and Vivian arrive on campus, they have Butler call Sabine and ask her about the goings-on on campus. They approach the police and get questioned. The way they are questioned is unusual: they are told the story that the police have, THEN they are asked to fill in the details, which Vivian notes is odd. Vivian weaves a story that is mostly truth but leaves out their trip to Monmouth and Warden Arthur Grant. Molly overhears that Vivian and Chloe are back; Sabine is told by Butler. As Vivian leaves, she runs into Molly and gives her a hug. Molly explains what’s happening with Sabine. They wait for Chloe.



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