Ashwood Academy

Ashwood Academy Episode 11 - United We Stand, Divided We Become Food for a Monster in the Woods

Flashback to Dr. Greenwald’s office: Chloe has convinced the professor that she is a student and has questions for him. Dr. Greenwald admits that he believes that magic is a phenomenon across many cultures but doesn’t believe that his feelings on the topic are relevant to his research. Chloe and Vivian describe their dreams to him; Dr. Greenwald mentions that there is a historical record of people existing who could travel through other people’s dreams to communicate or influence them. Chloe asks if this type of thing is specific to a particular culture, to which Greenwald responds that Native Americans and witches of Europe and the Philippines mentioned it frequently. When Chloe asks about the monster from the old gym, Greenwald thinks that it is familiar but can’t place the source of the information. Asking about magical governing bodies and bringing up the White Council specifically, Greenwald talks about Merlin having a “White Council” but knows of no other references. Chloe finds some books from his office to take for reference (mostly manuscripts) and leaves with Vivian.

Snap back to reality: Chloe leaves the “questioning room” and meets up with Vivian and Molly. They leave and go to Molly’s room; on their way, the headmaster appears and recommends that Vivian and Chloe get some rest and they’ll talk later about “re-entering” the academic lifestyle. While they walk, Vivian recommends that they sit down together and share all the information they have in order to refocus their efforts, whatever they may be. Using Molly’s phone, Vivian calls Sabine and leaves a voicemail when she doesn’t pick up. Sabine calls back and tells them that she will meet them at Molly’s room.

The atmosphere in Molly’s room when all four are together is tense and awkward. Chloe and Vivian recount the details of why Chloe ended up in the hospital and what happened there. Sabine accuses Chloe of murder, and Molly is confused. Vivian tries to explain what sort of powers Chloe has, and Chloe demonstrates by moving a chair that Sabine was perched on. Molly moves a little ways away and sits down on the floor, taking it all in. Sabine is incensed, and mentally applies the aspect Wow, That Was a Really Bad Idea on Chloe. Vivian turns into a snake and tries to defend Chloe. Molly punches Sabine in the face. Chloe shackles Sabine with light magic. Sabine applies the consequence Now We’re Both Fucked in the Head with a mental attack. Chloe applies a veil to herself and leaves. Sabine calms down a bit and leaves. Vivian and Molly discuss the skin book and Michael’s writings in it as well as the events involving Molly and Sabine breaking into Mr. Brown’s office. Chloe returns and says that they should go after Sabine; Chloe and Vivian leave to do so.

Chloe and Vivian catch up to Sabine in the woods. When they ask her about what happened to her, they learn that Sabine is “missing” a pocket of time on Sunday night. Chloe uses psychometry on Sabine’s phone, but in the meantime Sabine tells Vivian that she thinks her family is putting her through a test by having her at Ashwood Academy. Vivian detects “two humans” coming towards them, and they see a pair of orange eyes and hear “Morsels, delivering themselves to me” in a deep voice.



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