Ashwood Academy

Ashwood Academy Episode 4 - Dorm Delvers

With Vivian having gone with her parents to discuss her safety on campus, Chloe, Molly and Sabine sought out to investigate the missing/dead students in the incident last night to see if they could unearth some clues.

Chloe went to the library to do some research and discovered that Ms. Alberts had locked it up, crying inside over yesterday’s mess. After an awkward exchange, Chloe poured over some reading material looking for more information regarding the demon-beast from last night and her strange dream with the naked child and large wolf creature. For the demon-beast, she discovered an obscure reference to a unique being that comes from the Nevernever and maintains its physical form by consuming bodies in the material plane. Regarding the wolf-child, she found only tangential theories of wolves in dreams and wolves’ significance in the local lore. Perhaps Chloe was visited by some sort of spirit entity? Coming up short of substantial answers, Chloe called Sabine and left to meet up with her and Molly.

Molly, Chloe and Sabine paid a visit to Howie Lampus’s dorm in Astor Hall, and ran into Patrick Stanley on their way in. Patrick made some obscene (and pathetic) passes at Chloe, who feigned interest. Inside, Molly took the lead and knocked on Howie’s door; when he answered, he was carrying a half-packed duffel bag and explained that he’s leaving “for the weekend” (possibly forever?) and Molly found out that Michael (one of the missing students) lives in 216. Before Molly left, Howie mentioned that he heard that Amber went crazy the night prior and started stabbing people, resulting in the numerous deaths. Molly left to visit Michael’s room.

Molly arrived at Michael’s room to find him gone. Chloe and Sabine met back up with her and tried to convince her to break into his room, but Molly decided that B&E in brought daylight was too risky and they all left to investigate the dead female students’ rooms instead. Sabine and Molly decided to go to Morrigan Hall to look at Evelyn’s room, but discovered a policeman outside. Sabine approached him (Officer Rodriguez) and successfully flexed her family’s clout in Oregon (with a little help from her vampiric influence). Officer Rodriguez wanted to hear more about what she knew of the incident and escorted her towards the temporary police headquarters on campus. Meanwhile, Molly entered Evelyn’s room and found that it had already been reviewed by a CSI team and they took her computer. Molly took her diary and while leaving the building was accosted by Kim Davis and her flunkettes. Enduring some verbal put-downs, Molly was able to escape and left the building.

Chloe decided to head to Lavinia Hall alone to look at Christine’s room. Chloe knocked on the adjoining room’s door; a crying girl across the hall told her it’s her room, and explained that the police took Christine’s computer. Attempting to be consoling towards the crying girl, Chloe got roped into a group discussion about Christine’s death.

Vivian arrived back on campus and visited Joey’s and Roger’s dorms; both had notes on their doors that indicated that they were likely getting stoned down by Cross Lake. Satisfied that they were fine, Vivian called Sabine (with her new phone provided by her loving parents), who mentioned that Chloe is at Lavinia Hall. Vivian headed to Lavinia Hall and interrupts the group cry-sturbate session to give Chloe her new number. A few texts between Viv and Chloe later, Vivian decided to head to Morrigan Hall to see Molly.

Outside Morrigan Hall, Kim Davis (with flunkettes) blows smoke in Viv’s face. Vivian responded with a proper overreaction and backhanded Kim, prompting a short brawl between the four girls. Vivian was able to escape into the building unharmed, and hid out in Olivia Forman’s dorm (#109) for safety. Olivia is a fan of Stabbing Starlight, but still felt uncomfortable alone with Viv in her dorm. Vivian texted Sabine and Chloe to explain what happened.

Sabine decided that ending up in a nest of police was too risky (or possibly just too annoying), and decided to attack Officer Rodriguez’s mind to allow her to escape. Narrowly avoiding killing the man, Sabine successfully incapacitated (read: potentially made into a vegetable) Rodriguez and fled the scene, hopefully unnoticed.

Back in Morrigan, Vivian meets up with Molly and they pay a visit to XXX’s dorm. Inside, Molly and Vivian find it in disarray and set about investigating. Pulling a bed aside, they find some odd drawings on the wall in blood. Vivian hears footsteps approaching, and they both hide under the bed (???).

Will Vivian and Molly be able to avoid getting caught? Will Chloe be able to peacefully read a book ever again? Between Sabine and Vivian, who will be the first to cut an innocent human’s life short? Stay tuned!


jack_k Aaron_Anderson

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