Ashwood Academy

Ashwood Academy Episode 5 - Dank Wizard, Danker Heart


Chloe was still with Lauren, McKayla, and Denise talking about death of Christine Stone. Lauren produced a small silver crescent moon pendant and claimed that it is both hers and Christine’s. Chloe used psychometry on the pendant and found the aspect Something Between Us Anyway attached to Lauren. Chloe weaved a tale about a middle school slumber party that they had where they played Cat Scratch (a ghost story game where someone lays on the group with their head in your lap and you massage them and tell them a story about a cat that is possessed by an evil spirit and kills its family). Denise and McKayla did not recognize it, but Lauren snatched the necklace back and stayed quiet. Chloe talked to Lauren outside about the visions that she gets from touching objects. Lauren was doubtful and fearful. Chloe insisted on staying and talking about things and brought up the fact that the headmaster did not mention Michael missing. Chloe convinced Lauren to let her know if Lauren finds something in Christine’s room.

Vivian and Sabine in Jaclyn and Amber’s dorm. Sabine hides in closet, Viv turns into a snake and hides in clothes hamper. Kim and the head of security bust in, don’t see them, and leave. Viv turns back into a human. Sabine collects blood sample from mural.
Molly investigates Michael’s skin book in her room. The book is difficult to follow; it transitions between English, Latin and some unknown language. Scattered thoughts. Lots of margin notes and diagrams of human and creature anatomy. One diagram shows the transformation from a human to a strange monster.

Chloe texts Viv and tells them to meet her outside of Lavinia Hall. Sabine plays point for Viv, but Viv is caught anyway by Mrs. Doyle, the dorm person-in-charge (PIC). Mrs. Doyle takes Viv to headmaster and Sabine lets her go. Viv at headmaster reception area.

Sabine meets up with Chloe in front of Lavinia. Sabine takes Chloe to touch the blood mural to use psychic powers. Sabine shows Chloe the mural (consists of abstract images and glyphs), and Chloe realizes that it is made with more blood than is in one human. Chloe touch. Created over months, blood is Amber and Jaclyn’s, they used to be normal people earlier this year. Aspect in room: Nightmares Washed up on Shore. Sabine concludes that Amber was the monster; mentions that her sister knows “all kinds of shit.” She says there is likely a body somewhere since it can’t last past sunrise. Sabine suggests using steam tunnels to get to old gym to look for body. Sabine tells Chloe that Viv got busted and sent to the headmaster. Steam tunnel entrance at Old Library. Sabine calls Molly; Molly tells her about her broken phone and about Michael’s spooky book. Molly goes to meet them at the steam tunnels entrance. Sabine orders her butler to go buy spy stuff.

At Old Library: the usual entrance is through the second floor window, but Chloe, Sabine and Molly decide to try the back door. Sabine convinces Molly to break into the back door, and orchestrates a distraction with her incite fear power. Spoopy happen. A student at the far side of the adjacent athletics field has the aspect A Spooky Diversion applied, and starts shrieking. The plan BACKFIRES and Molly investigates the screaming manchild. Chloe attempts to unlock the door, and fails. The spookman starts to thrash violently. Police notice and head over. Spookman bolts, police follow. Molly returns and attempts to pick the lock and fails.

Vivian is brought into the headmaster’s room and the headmaster says he wants to expel her. Vivian appeals to a rational explanation of events and the headmaster tables the discussion. The headmaster asks about the events of the night prior, and Vivian spins a tale of her rock music influencing the crowd in a violent and frenzied manner (“unleashed the demon-beast in the crowd”). The headmaster is disappointed and looks into her eyes, using Soul Gaze. Vivian does not successfully attack, but does successfully defend. Vivian looks into his SOUL and finds that he sees himself as a warrior king atop a golden throne with subjugated serfs. He appears bestial but controlled. Aspect: Dark Wizard, Darker Heart. Vivian goads dank wizard with awesome, super clever quip.

Viv meets Chloe, Sabine, and Molly. Viv details exactly what just happened to her in vivid detail. Chloe blabs that the headmaster used Soul Gaze. Chloe texts Viv asking to have her help get her into the headmaster’s office. Chloe explains that she touched the blood, dude. Molly tells everyone about the book. Sabine: “Hey guys guess what the monster is Amber.” Chloe touches Michael’s creepy book and gets a faint flash of a gnarled wrinkled old man with patchy hair and beard writing furiously by candlelight. Chloe recognizes old dead language in book as Acadian. Molly explains about failed attempt to get in steam tunnels.

Dinner time! Viv decides to not join the team in the steam tunnels. Sabine cooks up a plan to test the surveillance on Viv by having her go to places and try to get out of sight to see what happens. Sabine also wants to call her sister to have her look into the book.

Sabine call sister. Simone answers and Sabine blabs that headmaster is wizard, she ate a policeman’s mind, and about creepy book, blood mural. Sabine asks for Simone’s help with book and reading Acadian. Simone doesn’t believe that the headmaster is aware of who Sabine is. Simone tells Sabine that her father would love to hear any more details about headmaster. Simone will look into getting help translating Acadian. Sabine tells Simone that Viv is in danger, is a snake-person, and is useful to her, and that she cares about me.
Sabine asks Chloe if she is able to detect magic. Chloe says she will try, but she will have to go somewhere with Viv alone. Chloe heads to Viv’s dorm to take her into the closet. Sabine and Molly will hang out in common room. Yooningale ship confirmed. Chloe uses The Sight on Vivian; she sees a mark superimposed on the snake’s body and detects an aspect on Vivian: Scarred by the Devil. Chloe gets a feeling that there is another being or presence aware of Vivian. Chloe “smells” that the presence is similar to the magic that Chloe was exposed to last night. Chloe bleed and collapse… again.


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