Ashwood Academy

Ashwood Academy Episode 6 - Once Upon a Midnight Eerie


Viv puts Chloe on her bed, Molly gets a wet washcloth, Sabine stay in common room (LURK). Viv stays with Chloe, Molly goes back to Sabine. Viv hears distinctive whistling of Ms. Poole (Director of Residency in Lavinia); she turns Chloe away covers her up. Viv answers the door when Ms. Poole knocks, and shoos her away successfully.

[Viv in room 317]

Sabine follows Ms. Poole; Molly goes to her room. Ms. Poole goes downstairs to the first floor to her office in the lobby. Sabine disappoint; she lurks near her office for a few minutes until she confirms that Ms. Poole is settling in. Molly pace and Google seizure problems, concerned about Chloe.

Chloe awakened at 9PM. Chloe explains that there is a scar on the chest of Viv’s “spirit.” Viv does not know how to parse this. Chloe thinks it’s related to Viv being “watched,” and related to sensations at the party in the gym. [Headmaster Sharpe] Viv recommends that she stay in her room, and that Chloe rejoin Molly and Sabine. Chloe knows that the only effective way that a human wizard could maintain magical link on someone is to possess a physical object that is significant to the person (“sympathetic link”); headmaster probably using Viv’s guitar. Chloe leaves room; Viv confus. Viv texts Sabine that Chloe is fine.

Molly takes a shower and goes to bed. Chloe back to her room. Sabine gets text from Chloe as well; Chloe describes what is happening with Viv. Chloe back to room. Sabine asks Ms. Poole about confiscated items (lied about Molly’s cell phone being confiscated successfully); she says that they are delivered to headmaster’s office and headmaster decides whether to return. Sabine looks for Marcelle in Main Building in classroom areas; she does not find him. Sabine goes to look in Raven Hall; Sabine texts Chloe that she’s going there. Sabine sends Chloe her butler’s number. There are police outside the main entrance (one car, lights off). Sabine checks windows on south side (between Astor Hall and Raven Hall). Sabine breaks a smaller window with a rock and does not hear or see anyone alerted.

Chloe decides to try to leave Lavinia Hall after curfew and successfully sneaks out. Sabine enters through the broken window. Chloe notices two flashlights in the second floor of Raven Hall and warns Sabine. Chloe joins Sabine. Chloe checks out the library, and Sabine waits inside the library. Chloe looks for books but finds none, but discovers that someone else has been there recently; footprints and one of the bookshelves has gouges in floor and wall next to it. Chloe touches it and uses object psychometry to detect psychic scent of Amber and Jaclyn and Boy A. Sabine puts hand on Chloe’s mouth. They try to move the bookshelf but can’t, and put a pin in it.

They move to the lecture hall and hide. Two people enter onto the balcony; they are both adult men and discuss how spooky it is. They check out the front lobby and discover stairs and that the front door is ajar. Sabine checks out the spooky room, but Chloe does not go inside. Room contains old boxes, crates, benches, built-in cabinet that holds long vertical objects (similar to gun cabinet). Sabine feels faint undercurrent of old residual fear. They leave through the broken window. They go back to their rooms and go to sleep.

The next day: Molly goes to breakfast, Viv fucks around on her computer, Sabine’s butler comes back with (4) burner phones, (1) regular phone for Molly, microphone pen, (4) bugs, telephoto lens for camera, lockpick kit disguised as earrings, keystroke tracker, (4) walkie talkies. Sabine goes to breakfast. Chloe go to library. Tensions have lowered some in the school. Police presence reduced, not as focused on old gym, redirected to woods. Sabine gives Molly phone, burner phone, lockpick kit, walkie talkie. Sabine tells Chloe about Raven Hall. Sabine gives Molly back skin book “sneakily”. Viv arrives, is grump. Sabine gives Viv a walkie talkie. Viv agrees to do chemistry homework in her room. Viv goes back to her room.
Professor Bruce Greenwald at Northwestern University is a historian who has one of the finest collections of historical magical texts, Chloe finds out through research.

[Ashwood is at 44.832857 x -124.058077]

Chloe arrives at breakfast. Sabine gives Chloe burner phone, walkie talkie. Patrick Stanely acts inappropriately again, and Chloe spills her chocolate milk on him. Sabine scares him away.
Sabine and Molly go back to Molly’s room. Molly looks at flesh book again.

Chloe heads to Molly’s with her “chemistry book.” When she arrives, Sabine tells Molly about Raven Hall and the bookshelf. Sabine tells Molly that the headmaster “put a spell on Vivian.” Sabine explains that she wants Marcelle’s keys.

Molly look at skin book. Chloe look at Marcelle office. Sabine melt Marcelle brain.


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