Ashwood Academy

Ashwood Academy Episode 7 - Chloe Unleashed

Vivian was in her room, frustrated that she had nothing to do and her guitar was missing. Her roommate, Amanda, became quickly annoyed with Vivian’s bored nagging and left for the library. Alone, Vivian “practiced” her transformation.

Sabine concocted a plan to make a mess and get Marcell’s attention: she bought a soda from a vending machine and sprayed it in front of the library in the Main Building. She went into the library and told the librarian about the mess; Ms. Alberts was still distraught, but she called for Marcell. Sabine lied in wait for her prey…

In the meantime, Chloe went to Marcell’s office in the administrative wing of the Main Building. Chloe knocked on the door and Marcell answered; Chloe immediately walked away and lurked inside a restroom nearby.

Back at the library, Marcell arrived at the mess with a janitor’s cart and his keys. Sabine ran out of the library and into Marcell… and slipped on the mop water and fell to the ground. When Marcell helped Sabine up, Sabine stole his keys. Sabine left quickly; she texted Chloe that she had the keys, returned to her dorm, cleaned herself up, and sent her butler out to copy ALL OF THE KEYS!

Chloe waited five minutes in the restroom, then returned to Marcell’s door and kicked trash under his door. After hearing nothing, Chloe tried the door, found it locked, and attempted to pick it with her shiny new lockpicking kit. Halfway through the process, Chloe was interrupted by Mr. Brown walking out of his office. Chloe ran away from him and started screaming, but Mr. Brown caught her. Mr. Brown called for other teachers to contact the headmaster. In a panic, Chloe used The Sight and looked at the teachers. In The Sight: Mr. Brown desiccated quickly and Ms. O’Brien glowed. Chloe recognized that Ms. O’Brien is some kind of divine guardian and Mr. Brown is “the opposite” of that. Chloe blacked out almost immediately.
Molly read more of the skin book and put together the author’s thoughts about the human body and how it can be enhanced with numerous allusions to divinity.

Sabine tried to check in on Chloe at the administration wing; she found Marcell in his office, but no Chloe. Marcell mentioned that Chloe passed out bleeding (“that girl that died…?”). Sabine and Molly texted and agreed to meet at lunch to discuss matters. At lunch, Molly told Sabine what she found in the skin book. Molly and Sabine went to the teacher’s lounge to ask about Chloe, but no one was there. They knocked on Ms. Jefferson’s door, who told them that an ambulance took Chloe. Ms. Jefferson didn’t think that any faculty went with her to the hospital. Concerned, Molly and Sabine text Viv that “Chloe did the thing again, and now she’s on her way to the hospital ALONE; we are going there.”

Sabine got her butler to take her and Molly to the hospital. The butler informed her that three of the keys were Metaco keys and were not able to be copied.

At the hospital, Sabine and Molly were unable to get information about Chloe’s condition or exact whereabouts, but found out that she is in an MRI room somewhere. They made their way through the halls of the hospital and head to one of the MRI rooms, where there were doctors and a cop. Seeing no options, they left the hospital in a cab back to Ashwood. Sabine instructed her butler to stay at the hospital. Back on campus, Sabine headed to Vivian’s room and Molly went to fetch the skin book.

Chloe awakened in the hospital, handcuffed to the bed. Mr. Brown was in the room with a policeman and a nurse. Chloe tried to get information out of Mr. Brown, the nurse, and the police officer in turn but to no avail. Desperate, she used MAGICKS to try to shove someone in the hallway into another person, but botches. An explosion of force occurred in the room, knocking out the nurse and the cop and destroying much of the room’s contents. The door to the room was blown off of its hinges and strikes the male nurse in the hallway.


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