Ashwood Academy

Ashwood Academy Episode 9 - The Right to be Forgotten

Chloe finds a payphone and calls Butler, who explains that he is already on his way to Monmouth and he is intending to retrieve Vivian and Chloe. They set out to find a dorm building with an empty room; they find two, and opt to try and enter the older looking one. Chloe suggests casting an invisibility spell to allow them to pass the guards that are checking student IDs. Vivian turns into a snake to make the spell less taxing on Chloe, and she successfully turns herself invisible. Chloe follows a person through the front door and goes up the stairs when the invisibility veil drops. She winds her way around some hallways and finds an unoccupied room. She “drops her bag” and lets Vivian slither into the room, turn into a girl, open the door, get on the floor. Everyone in the vicinity has walked the dinosaur. Chloe and Vivian are now in a dorm.
Sabine checks out a TV in a common room; the news broadcast says that the two teenage girls wanted as suspects in a terrorist attack “appear to be victims instead of perpetrators.” They blame a solar flare causing a gas explosion at the hospital, and claim that the two girls were “kidnapped” by a mentally deranged police officer. Sabine returns to the headmaster’s office, but the headmaster himself happens to approach her from behind and invites her to his office. While in conversation, Sabine attempts to plant a bug under a chair in his office, and the headmaster catches her. Sabine tries to crumple it up before handing it to the headmaster, but he successfully identifies it as a spying device. After a heated speech, the headmaster stares directly at Sabine and SOUL GAZES her. Sabine sees a vision of the headmaster in a roughly hewn stone room with no doors or windows, sitting on a gilded throne wearing a circlet of gems. Presumably, he now knows that Sabine is a White Court vampire. Sabine notices a narrow circle inscribed into the wood floor of the office, encircling nearly everything in it, which the headmaster “activates.” Sabine sneakily texts Chloe “SOS” before the headmaster produces a pair of silver manacles out of a compartment in a false book (which she will not receive, because her phone was destroyed via magic hexing). Sabine attempts to throw her bag at the headmaster to distract him long enough to escape the room, but he swats it away and attacks her with a magical mental attack. Sabine is inflicted with the severe consequence Paranoid Vampire and the mild consequence Migraine. Sabine launches herself through the window and lands relatively safely; she tries to run into the forest. The headmaster attacks her with another mental assault and she passes out.
Back in the dorm, Vivian suggests that they find food and lay low until 1PM tomorrow. Chloe checks out the showers down the hall but does not find any clothing to steal. Chloe looks around the dorm building for food and finds a cafeteria; she gets food mostly in containers (yogurt, etc.). On the way back, she notices a local report and confirms the “not terrorists” update. She tells Vivian upon returning, and they agree to lay low anyway until tomorrow afternoon. They sleep.
Sabine awakes in her room. The last thing she recalls is leaving dining hall, going to the lounge, the going to her room; she feels fear but does not remember the incident with the headmaster. Sabine remembers that she was going to break into the headmaster’s office, but first she calls Butler. She clarifies that he should be helping Vivian and Chloe and then help them back home. Sabine scopes out the exterior of the main building from some bushes, noticing the window outside of the headmaster’s office has been hastily repaired with cardboard and tape. She goes to find Marcel in his office, but he is not there. She returns to the common area of her dorm, seeing the report on the TV showing no new information. Still feeling the effects of her forgotten encounter with the headmaster, she visits the nurse. After a brief inspection, the nurse (Lisa Hunter) assumes it’s a migraine and gives Sabine some aspirin or some shit. Sabine panics, making the nurse panic, and Sabine incites fear, leaving her a shaking mess. Sabine calls her youngest older sister Margeaux while walking around trying to avoid lots of people. During the conversation, Margeaux hints that their father may be putting Sabine through a dangerous test by having her at Ashwood Academy. Margeaux sympathizes with Sabine’s situation, and offers to call up some people in Portland to lend some help.


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