Ashwood Academy

Ashwood Academy - The Story So Far

(End of Third Session)

Finding themselves staring at the clock in Mr. Brown’s chemistry class on Friday, Chloe, Vivian and Sabine receive and pass around a note saying that there is a party happening that night at the old gym. Mr. Brown notices the note and calls for Chloe to hand it over. Vivian pipes up with an insult as a distraction, but Chloe eats the note anyway and Mr. Brown sends them to the Principal’s office, where Vivian is assigned one week of detention and Chloe is tasked with helping out at the cafeteria for the following week.

Chloe, Vivian, Sabine and Molly decide to go to the party; Vivian was playing a set at the party anyway, and Chloe, Sabine and Molly wanted to sniff out some suspicious goings-on. That night at the party, Sabine and Molly tried to get into an office at the old gym, curiously guarded by Jacqueline, Amber and Michael. After Vivian’s set ended, Molly brought her to the now-unguarded office and they discovered a door to a basement. In the basement, their schoolmates were engaged in what appeared to be a ritual with a large pentagram on the floor. At the same time, Chloe attempted to use The Sight at the party and was greeted with an image of bodies from different eras of history hanging from the rafters of the old gym before succumbing to the mental strain and passing out, bleeding on the floor. Sabine helped move her to a safe hiding spot under the bleachers.

Back in the basement, Molly recklessly threw herself at the elaborate floor markings and disrupted the pattern, which threw the ritual into chaos. In a wild cacophonous storm, Vivian and Molly ran back upstairs to find Sabine and Chloe only to discover that a monstrous being with large spines protruding from its oozing flesh (and too many teeth in its maw than anyone would like) was whipping around the party at a supernatural speed, snatching kids up as they attempted to flee the gym. Vivian spotted the demon on the gym ceiling, cramming the mangled corpses of their schoolmates in the rafters. When the beast turned its attention to the heroines, Sabine (carrying Chloe) and Molly fled out the nearest window with the beast in hot pursuit, and Vivian panicked and adopted her snake form to try to combat the fiend. Vivian was able to inject her venom into the monster (and take away far too much of its seepage in her mouth…) and it fled.

The fabulous foursome flew back to their dorms to discuss the insane night, and VIvian revealed her transformative powers to Chloe, Sabine and Molly in plain sight. They all agreed to not talk to anyone about what happened and planned to investigate everything after a night of sleep. The next day, police swarmed the campus ostensibly to investigate the events of the night prior, and at breakfast the headmaster made an announcement that the deaths and disappearances of a number of the students is being looked into. Not satisfied, the heroines decided that something was amiss and set out to take stock of their other friends and being investigating. On her way out of the cafeteria, Vivian was approached by her mother, and then her father, who eventually convinced her to come with them until things died down at Ashwood Academy.


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