Ashwood Academy

Ashwood Academy Episode 11 - United We Stand, Divided We Become Food for a Monster in the Woods

Flashback to Dr. Greenwald’s office: Chloe has convinced the professor that she is a student and has questions for him. Dr. Greenwald admits that he believes that magic is a phenomenon across many cultures but doesn’t believe that his feelings on the topic are relevant to his research. Chloe and Vivian describe their dreams to him; Dr. Greenwald mentions that there is a historical record of people existing who could travel through other people’s dreams to communicate or influence them. Chloe asks if this type of thing is specific to a particular culture, to which Greenwald responds that Native Americans and witches of Europe and the Philippines mentioned it frequently. When Chloe asks about the monster from the old gym, Greenwald thinks that it is familiar but can’t place the source of the information. Asking about magical governing bodies and bringing up the White Council specifically, Greenwald talks about Merlin having a “White Council” but knows of no other references. Chloe finds some books from his office to take for reference (mostly manuscripts) and leaves with Vivian.

Snap back to reality: Chloe leaves the “questioning room” and meets up with Vivian and Molly. They leave and go to Molly’s room; on their way, the headmaster appears and recommends that Vivian and Chloe get some rest and they’ll talk later about “re-entering” the academic lifestyle. While they walk, Vivian recommends that they sit down together and share all the information they have in order to refocus their efforts, whatever they may be. Using Molly’s phone, Vivian calls Sabine and leaves a voicemail when she doesn’t pick up. Sabine calls back and tells them that she will meet them at Molly’s room.

The atmosphere in Molly’s room when all four are together is tense and awkward. Chloe and Vivian recount the details of why Chloe ended up in the hospital and what happened there. Sabine accuses Chloe of murder, and Molly is confused. Vivian tries to explain what sort of powers Chloe has, and Chloe demonstrates by moving a chair that Sabine was perched on. Molly moves a little ways away and sits down on the floor, taking it all in. Sabine is incensed, and mentally applies the aspect Wow, That Was a Really Bad Idea on Chloe. Vivian turns into a snake and tries to defend Chloe. Molly punches Sabine in the face. Chloe shackles Sabine with light magic. Sabine applies the consequence Now We’re Both Fucked in the Head with a mental attack. Chloe applies a veil to herself and leaves. Sabine calms down a bit and leaves. Vivian and Molly discuss the skin book and Michael’s writings in it as well as the events involving Molly and Sabine breaking into Mr. Brown’s office. Chloe returns and says that they should go after Sabine; Chloe and Vivian leave to do so.

Chloe and Vivian catch up to Sabine in the woods. When they ask her about what happened to her, they learn that Sabine is “missing” a pocket of time on Sunday night. Chloe uses psychometry on Sabine’s phone, but in the meantime Sabine tells Vivian that she thinks her family is putting her through a test by having her at Ashwood Academy. Vivian detects “two humans” coming towards them, and they see a pair of orange eyes and hear “Morsels, delivering themselves to me” in a deep voice.

Ashwood Academy Episode 10 - Reunited but Divided

Vivian dreams she is in a dark pool of cool water with writhing organic shapes and blue lights. She swims upward and is on the edge of a pool a half-mile across in a dark chamber with halogen lights on the ceiling and old machinery. There is a thin, pale man a little ways away from her, and he starts asking her abstract questions about why “she brought him here” and mentioning that “it’s scary here.” Vivian tries to walk off, but the teenage boy asks her if she would do him a favor; when she says yes, she wakes up remembering everything about the dream. She tells Chloe about it, and they put together that the boy from Chloe’s dream about the forest and wolf creature may be the same spirit/entity.

Sabine wakes up feeling like a Paranoid Vampire and reluctantly goes to breakfast. She meets Molly there, who is sitting with fellow newspaper members. Sabine becomes convinced that Molly is saying things about her vampirism; she looms behind her and asks Molly if “they need to talk.” People around them start to get uncomfortable and slowly leave, but Sabine stops them. Sabine confronts Molly, who is sheepish and confused. Sabine walks off and sits with some Morrigan Hall people. The headmaster shows up and says that classes are proceeding as normally scheduled today. Seeing the headmaster, Sabine gets chills down her spine and doesn’t quite understand why.
Classes begin with various students missing in each. Sabine and Molly attend class as normal.

Back at Monmouth, Vivian and Chloe sneak through campus to Dr. Greenwald’s office. They wait near his office on a bench looking at “notes” until Dr. Greenwald arrives. Chloe and Vivian enter his office and OBTAIN INFORMATIONS x2 (KEY ITEM) FROM A MEANINGFUL CONVERSATION WITH HIM AND THEN THEY LEAVE. (to be re-done with Josh). In reality, Vivian gets bored while they have a conversation about technical magic stuff and she daydreams about what she would do with magic: as it turns out, it entails flying on a dragon made of skulls while shooting thunderbolts from her guitar. They leave and find Butler arguing with a security officer next to his car. Vivian rushes past them into the car with Chloe and they leave.

Mr. Brown is missing from class, but Mr. Alvarez is substituting and collects the homework. Molly and Sabine complete a day of classes. Molly goes to the newspaper room. Sabine calls Butler, who confirms that he has Chloe and Vivian and is returning. Sabine goes to find Ms. O’Brien in her classroom and asks her about Mr. Brown. She says that he is “taking some vacation days,” to which Sabine questions whether or not he was still in the hospital. Ms. O’Brien clarifies that to her understanding, he is fine. Ms. O’Brien mentions that Ms. Jefferson, Ms. Alberts and Nurse Hunter are acting as counselors for the students, but Sabine says she would rather talk to Ms. O’Brien instead. Sabine talks about how she is “not feeling like herself” and may be “having a brain tumor?” Sabine realizes that she doesn’t remember large portions of yesterday, and Ms. O’Brien recommends that she see the nurse.

Molly asks around at the newspaper room about gossip about what’s happened over the weekend; the most popular idea is that the school is a ranch for aliens or that they’re all inside a kid’s snow globe.

When Chloe and Vivian arrive on campus, they have Butler call Sabine and ask her about the goings-on on campus. They approach the police and get questioned. The way they are questioned is unusual: they are told the story that the police have, THEN they are asked to fill in the details, which Vivian notes is odd. Vivian weaves a story that is mostly truth but leaves out their trip to Monmouth and Warden Arthur Grant. Molly overhears that Vivian and Chloe are back; Sabine is told by Butler. As Vivian leaves, she runs into Molly and gives her a hug. Molly explains what’s happening with Sabine. They wait for Chloe.

Ashwood Academy Episode 9 - The Right to be Forgotten

Chloe finds a payphone and calls Butler, who explains that he is already on his way to Monmouth and he is intending to retrieve Vivian and Chloe. They set out to find a dorm building with an empty room; they find two, and opt to try and enter the older looking one. Chloe suggests casting an invisibility spell to allow them to pass the guards that are checking student IDs. Vivian turns into a snake to make the spell less taxing on Chloe, and she successfully turns herself invisible. Chloe follows a person through the front door and goes up the stairs when the invisibility veil drops. She winds her way around some hallways and finds an unoccupied room. She “drops her bag” and lets Vivian slither into the room, turn into a girl, open the door, get on the floor. Everyone in the vicinity has walked the dinosaur. Chloe and Vivian are now in a dorm.
Sabine checks out a TV in a common room; the news broadcast says that the two teenage girls wanted as suspects in a terrorist attack “appear to be victims instead of perpetrators.” They blame a solar flare causing a gas explosion at the hospital, and claim that the two girls were “kidnapped” by a mentally deranged police officer. Sabine returns to the headmaster’s office, but the headmaster himself happens to approach her from behind and invites her to his office. While in conversation, Sabine attempts to plant a bug under a chair in his office, and the headmaster catches her. Sabine tries to crumple it up before handing it to the headmaster, but he successfully identifies it as a spying device. After a heated speech, the headmaster stares directly at Sabine and SOUL GAZES her. Sabine sees a vision of the headmaster in a roughly hewn stone room with no doors or windows, sitting on a gilded throne wearing a circlet of gems. Presumably, he now knows that Sabine is a White Court vampire. Sabine notices a narrow circle inscribed into the wood floor of the office, encircling nearly everything in it, which the headmaster “activates.” Sabine sneakily texts Chloe “SOS” before the headmaster produces a pair of silver manacles out of a compartment in a false book (which she will not receive, because her phone was destroyed via magic hexing). Sabine attempts to throw her bag at the headmaster to distract him long enough to escape the room, but he swats it away and attacks her with a magical mental attack. Sabine is inflicted with the severe consequence Paranoid Vampire and the mild consequence Migraine. Sabine launches herself through the window and lands relatively safely; she tries to run into the forest. The headmaster attacks her with another mental assault and she passes out.
Back in the dorm, Vivian suggests that they find food and lay low until 1PM tomorrow. Chloe checks out the showers down the hall but does not find any clothing to steal. Chloe looks around the dorm building for food and finds a cafeteria; she gets food mostly in containers (yogurt, etc.). On the way back, she notices a local report and confirms the “not terrorists” update. She tells Vivian upon returning, and they agree to lay low anyway until tomorrow afternoon. They sleep.
Sabine awakes in her room. The last thing she recalls is leaving dining hall, going to the lounge, the going to her room; she feels fear but does not remember the incident with the headmaster. Sabine remembers that she was going to break into the headmaster’s office, but first she calls Butler. She clarifies that he should be helping Vivian and Chloe and then help them back home. Sabine scopes out the exterior of the main building from some bushes, noticing the window outside of the headmaster’s office has been hastily repaired with cardboard and tape. She goes to find Marcel in his office, but he is not there. She returns to the common area of her dorm, seeing the report on the TV showing no new information. Still feeling the effects of her forgotten encounter with the headmaster, she visits the nurse. After a brief inspection, the nurse (Lisa Hunter) assumes it’s a migraine and gives Sabine some aspirin or some shit. Sabine panics, making the nurse panic, and Sabine incites fear, leaving her a shaking mess. Sabine calls her youngest older sister Margeaux while walking around trying to avoid lots of people. During the conversation, Margeaux hints that their father may be putting Sabine through a dangerous test by having her at Ashwood Academy. Margeaux sympathizes with Sabine’s situation, and offers to call up some people in Portland to lend some help.

Ashwood Academy Episode 8 - The "Fangs" Come Out

[Ref Kendra for Viv/Chloe notes]
Sabine meets up with Molly and they decide that Sabine’s butler will get Vivian back and update her as necessary. The butler calls Sabine and informs her that there was an explosion at Chloe’s room and Vivian wheeled her out of the hospital, chased by the policeman. Butler blows up Chloe’s shiiiiiiiit (tells Sabine that she is a “developing magician”). Sabine instructs Butler to never tell anyone else about the events and to stay at the hospital and keep an eye on Mr. Brown (and if more police show up…). Sabine tells Molly about Butler’s details about Chloe being a “magician.” Sabine calls Chloe first and got voicemail. Sabine calls Vivian’s phone; Vivian answers the phone as a snake and hisses. Sabine hangs up.
Sabine tells Molly that she is going to break into the headmaster’s office. Molly is on board. They head to the headmaster’s office, and try to listen through the window outside to see if he’s inside, but can’t tell. They head to the receptionist’s office. Sabine tells Molly that “the secretary is going to start screaming; DON’T follow her.” Sabine uses her incite fear ability to intimidate the secretary, and the secretary calls the headmaster. Molly whips around the corner and tells her that she lost her phone. The secretary informs her that Molly has to go to Marcell for lost items. Sabine uses incite fear on Molly to attack; Molly is terrified and recognizes the attack! Molly flees the scene, back to her room. Sabine “recommends” that Molly go back in there and start screaming. Molly disregards the recommendation and leaves.
While leaving, Molly passes the headmaster; she texts Sabine that he’s coming (“hey asshole, headmaster’s coming your way…”). Sabine books it in the other direction down a hallway and around a corner. She uses a compact mirror to try to see the headmaster coming down the hall; she sees the headmaster go into the receptionist’s office and close the door. Sabine sneaks up to the door and hears the headmaster chanting quietly in a language she doesn’t recognize and does not hear the secretary. She tries to record the chanting with her audio pen through the bottom of the door but feels the crackle magical energy. Sabine leaves immediately and texts Molly apologies and that she will explain everything.
Vivian detects a road to the north with her tremorsense and heads there. Chloe heads north while maintaining cover; Vivian can detect her, and adjusts course to follow her. Chloe puts Vivian in her bag when she approaches. When they reach the road, Chloe sees a number of police cars and a fire truck heading towards the hospital. Chloe follows the road away from the hospital, following the treeline; she starts to get chilly. Chloe takes Vivian out of her bag to talk to her; Vivian and Chloe agree to hitchhike, but with Vivian in the bag and Chloe wearing street clothes. Chloe flags down a car with an older man and lies about being lost on a school trip. She convinces him to take her to a payphone.
Molly is back in her dorm, anxious and trying to distract herself. Sabine calls her dad on the home number; her cousin Theo answers the phone (“Yes?”). Sabine tells him to get her father. When her father is on the phone, Sabine asks him to identify the language that the headmaster was speaking, and plays him the clip from the audio pen. Her father thinks it is something tribal, Sub-Saharan. He points her to Dr. Greenwald at a university in Monmouth to help translate who will be discreet. Sabine ends the call and goes to Molly’s room.
In Molly’s room, Sabine apologizes for the headmaster’s secretary fiasco. Molly presses her about her strange intimidation influence; Sabine: “it’s like being psychic.” Sabine confirms that she is in fact not a snake. They ponder the genetic influence of snake transformation. Molly: “I think you’re full of shit.” Sabine sits Molly down and confesses that she is a “scary vampire,” but makes Molly promise that she won’t tell Vivian and Chloe. Molly asks if she eats blood; Sabine clarifies that she eats “fear.” Molly quickly realizes that she is consorting with monsters. There is friction between the two with heavy trust issues. Molly is critical of Sabine for keeping such a large secret, and Sabine treats the situation as a small matter. Molly asks Sabine to help her find other books like the ones she found. Sabine asks Molly to accompany her to Monmouth to talk to the professor. They will decide when to go at a later time.
Molly gets a text from Julia Brown asking if Chloe is okay and when Molly tells her she thinks she’s still at the hospital, Julia tells her to check the news. Molly goes to the common room TV to find that there is a news report of a terrorist attack at the hospital. Vivian and Chloe’s pictures are posted as potential suspects. Police suspect an EMP device was used. Molly fakes crying and walks Sabine back to her room. Molly is suspicious of Julia Brown. Molly says they will meet up at dinner.

Ashwood Academy Episode 7 - Chloe Unleashed

Vivian was in her room, frustrated that she had nothing to do and her guitar was missing. Her roommate, Amanda, became quickly annoyed with Vivian’s bored nagging and left for the library. Alone, Vivian “practiced” her transformation.

Sabine concocted a plan to make a mess and get Marcell’s attention: she bought a soda from a vending machine and sprayed it in front of the library in the Main Building. She went into the library and told the librarian about the mess; Ms. Alberts was still distraught, but she called for Marcell. Sabine lied in wait for her prey…

In the meantime, Chloe went to Marcell’s office in the administrative wing of the Main Building. Chloe knocked on the door and Marcell answered; Chloe immediately walked away and lurked inside a restroom nearby.

Back at the library, Marcell arrived at the mess with a janitor’s cart and his keys. Sabine ran out of the library and into Marcell… and slipped on the mop water and fell to the ground. When Marcell helped Sabine up, Sabine stole his keys. Sabine left quickly; she texted Chloe that she had the keys, returned to her dorm, cleaned herself up, and sent her butler out to copy ALL OF THE KEYS!

Chloe waited five minutes in the restroom, then returned to Marcell’s door and kicked trash under his door. After hearing nothing, Chloe tried the door, found it locked, and attempted to pick it with her shiny new lockpicking kit. Halfway through the process, Chloe was interrupted by Mr. Brown walking out of his office. Chloe ran away from him and started screaming, but Mr. Brown caught her. Mr. Brown called for other teachers to contact the headmaster. In a panic, Chloe used The Sight and looked at the teachers. In The Sight: Mr. Brown desiccated quickly and Ms. O’Brien glowed. Chloe recognized that Ms. O’Brien is some kind of divine guardian and Mr. Brown is “the opposite” of that. Chloe blacked out almost immediately.
Molly read more of the skin book and put together the author’s thoughts about the human body and how it can be enhanced with numerous allusions to divinity.

Sabine tried to check in on Chloe at the administration wing; she found Marcell in his office, but no Chloe. Marcell mentioned that Chloe passed out bleeding (“that girl that died…?”). Sabine and Molly texted and agreed to meet at lunch to discuss matters. At lunch, Molly told Sabine what she found in the skin book. Molly and Sabine went to the teacher’s lounge to ask about Chloe, but no one was there. They knocked on Ms. Jefferson’s door, who told them that an ambulance took Chloe. Ms. Jefferson didn’t think that any faculty went with her to the hospital. Concerned, Molly and Sabine text Viv that “Chloe did the thing again, and now she’s on her way to the hospital ALONE; we are going there.”

Sabine got her butler to take her and Molly to the hospital. The butler informed her that three of the keys were Metaco keys and were not able to be copied.

At the hospital, Sabine and Molly were unable to get information about Chloe’s condition or exact whereabouts, but found out that she is in an MRI room somewhere. They made their way through the halls of the hospital and head to one of the MRI rooms, where there were doctors and a cop. Seeing no options, they left the hospital in a cab back to Ashwood. Sabine instructed her butler to stay at the hospital. Back on campus, Sabine headed to Vivian’s room and Molly went to fetch the skin book.

Chloe awakened in the hospital, handcuffed to the bed. Mr. Brown was in the room with a policeman and a nurse. Chloe tried to get information out of Mr. Brown, the nurse, and the police officer in turn but to no avail. Desperate, she used MAGICKS to try to shove someone in the hallway into another person, but botches. An explosion of force occurred in the room, knocking out the nurse and the cop and destroying much of the room’s contents. The door to the room was blown off of its hinges and strikes the male nurse in the hallway.

Ashwood Academy Episode 6 - Once Upon a Midnight Eerie


Viv puts Chloe on her bed, Molly gets a wet washcloth, Sabine stay in common room (LURK). Viv stays with Chloe, Molly goes back to Sabine. Viv hears distinctive whistling of Ms. Poole (Director of Residency in Lavinia); she turns Chloe away covers her up. Viv answers the door when Ms. Poole knocks, and shoos her away successfully.

[Viv in room 317]

Sabine follows Ms. Poole; Molly goes to her room. Ms. Poole goes downstairs to the first floor to her office in the lobby. Sabine disappoint; she lurks near her office for a few minutes until she confirms that Ms. Poole is settling in. Molly pace and Google seizure problems, concerned about Chloe.

Chloe awakened at 9PM. Chloe explains that there is a scar on the chest of Viv’s “spirit.” Viv does not know how to parse this. Chloe thinks it’s related to Viv being “watched,” and related to sensations at the party in the gym. [Headmaster Sharpe] Viv recommends that she stay in her room, and that Chloe rejoin Molly and Sabine. Chloe knows that the only effective way that a human wizard could maintain magical link on someone is to possess a physical object that is significant to the person (“sympathetic link”); headmaster probably using Viv’s guitar. Chloe leaves room; Viv confus. Viv texts Sabine that Chloe is fine.

Molly takes a shower and goes to bed. Chloe back to her room. Sabine gets text from Chloe as well; Chloe describes what is happening with Viv. Chloe back to room. Sabine asks Ms. Poole about confiscated items (lied about Molly’s cell phone being confiscated successfully); she says that they are delivered to headmaster’s office and headmaster decides whether to return. Sabine looks for Marcelle in Main Building in classroom areas; she does not find him. Sabine goes to look in Raven Hall; Sabine texts Chloe that she’s going there. Sabine sends Chloe her butler’s number. There are police outside the main entrance (one car, lights off). Sabine checks windows on south side (between Astor Hall and Raven Hall). Sabine breaks a smaller window with a rock and does not hear or see anyone alerted.

Chloe decides to try to leave Lavinia Hall after curfew and successfully sneaks out. Sabine enters through the broken window. Chloe notices two flashlights in the second floor of Raven Hall and warns Sabine. Chloe joins Sabine. Chloe checks out the library, and Sabine waits inside the library. Chloe looks for books but finds none, but discovers that someone else has been there recently; footprints and one of the bookshelves has gouges in floor and wall next to it. Chloe touches it and uses object psychometry to detect psychic scent of Amber and Jaclyn and Boy A. Sabine puts hand on Chloe’s mouth. They try to move the bookshelf but can’t, and put a pin in it.

They move to the lecture hall and hide. Two people enter onto the balcony; they are both adult men and discuss how spooky it is. They check out the front lobby and discover stairs and that the front door is ajar. Sabine checks out the spooky room, but Chloe does not go inside. Room contains old boxes, crates, benches, built-in cabinet that holds long vertical objects (similar to gun cabinet). Sabine feels faint undercurrent of old residual fear. They leave through the broken window. They go back to their rooms and go to sleep.

The next day: Molly goes to breakfast, Viv fucks around on her computer, Sabine’s butler comes back with (4) burner phones, (1) regular phone for Molly, microphone pen, (4) bugs, telephoto lens for camera, lockpick kit disguised as earrings, keystroke tracker, (4) walkie talkies. Sabine goes to breakfast. Chloe go to library. Tensions have lowered some in the school. Police presence reduced, not as focused on old gym, redirected to woods. Sabine gives Molly phone, burner phone, lockpick kit, walkie talkie. Sabine tells Chloe about Raven Hall. Sabine gives Molly back skin book “sneakily”. Viv arrives, is grump. Sabine gives Viv a walkie talkie. Viv agrees to do chemistry homework in her room. Viv goes back to her room.
Professor Bruce Greenwald at Northwestern University is a historian who has one of the finest collections of historical magical texts, Chloe finds out through research.

[Ashwood is at 44.832857 x -124.058077]

Chloe arrives at breakfast. Sabine gives Chloe burner phone, walkie talkie. Patrick Stanely acts inappropriately again, and Chloe spills her chocolate milk on him. Sabine scares him away.
Sabine and Molly go back to Molly’s room. Molly looks at flesh book again.

Chloe heads to Molly’s with her “chemistry book.” When she arrives, Sabine tells Molly about Raven Hall and the bookshelf. Sabine tells Molly that the headmaster “put a spell on Vivian.” Sabine explains that she wants Marcelle’s keys.

Molly look at skin book. Chloe look at Marcelle office. Sabine melt Marcelle brain.

Ashwood Academy Episode 5 - Dank Wizard, Danker Heart


Chloe was still with Lauren, McKayla, and Denise talking about death of Christine Stone. Lauren produced a small silver crescent moon pendant and claimed that it is both hers and Christine’s. Chloe used psychometry on the pendant and found the aspect Something Between Us Anyway attached to Lauren. Chloe weaved a tale about a middle school slumber party that they had where they played Cat Scratch (a ghost story game where someone lays on the group with their head in your lap and you massage them and tell them a story about a cat that is possessed by an evil spirit and kills its family). Denise and McKayla did not recognize it, but Lauren snatched the necklace back and stayed quiet. Chloe talked to Lauren outside about the visions that she gets from touching objects. Lauren was doubtful and fearful. Chloe insisted on staying and talking about things and brought up the fact that the headmaster did not mention Michael missing. Chloe convinced Lauren to let her know if Lauren finds something in Christine’s room.

Vivian and Sabine in Jaclyn and Amber’s dorm. Sabine hides in closet, Viv turns into a snake and hides in clothes hamper. Kim and the head of security bust in, don’t see them, and leave. Viv turns back into a human. Sabine collects blood sample from mural.
Molly investigates Michael’s skin book in her room. The book is difficult to follow; it transitions between English, Latin and some unknown language. Scattered thoughts. Lots of margin notes and diagrams of human and creature anatomy. One diagram shows the transformation from a human to a strange monster.

Chloe texts Viv and tells them to meet her outside of Lavinia Hall. Sabine plays point for Viv, but Viv is caught anyway by Mrs. Doyle, the dorm person-in-charge (PIC). Mrs. Doyle takes Viv to headmaster and Sabine lets her go. Viv at headmaster reception area.

Sabine meets up with Chloe in front of Lavinia. Sabine takes Chloe to touch the blood mural to use psychic powers. Sabine shows Chloe the mural (consists of abstract images and glyphs), and Chloe realizes that it is made with more blood than is in one human. Chloe touch. Created over months, blood is Amber and Jaclyn’s, they used to be normal people earlier this year. Aspect in room: Nightmares Washed up on Shore. Sabine concludes that Amber was the monster; mentions that her sister knows “all kinds of shit.” She says there is likely a body somewhere since it can’t last past sunrise. Sabine suggests using steam tunnels to get to old gym to look for body. Sabine tells Chloe that Viv got busted and sent to the headmaster. Steam tunnel entrance at Old Library. Sabine calls Molly; Molly tells her about her broken phone and about Michael’s spooky book. Molly goes to meet them at the steam tunnels entrance. Sabine orders her butler to go buy spy stuff.

At Old Library: the usual entrance is through the second floor window, but Chloe, Sabine and Molly decide to try the back door. Sabine convinces Molly to break into the back door, and orchestrates a distraction with her incite fear power. Spoopy happen. A student at the far side of the adjacent athletics field has the aspect A Spooky Diversion applied, and starts shrieking. The plan BACKFIRES and Molly investigates the screaming manchild. Chloe attempts to unlock the door, and fails. The spookman starts to thrash violently. Police notice and head over. Spookman bolts, police follow. Molly returns and attempts to pick the lock and fails.

Vivian is brought into the headmaster’s room and the headmaster says he wants to expel her. Vivian appeals to a rational explanation of events and the headmaster tables the discussion. The headmaster asks about the events of the night prior, and Vivian spins a tale of her rock music influencing the crowd in a violent and frenzied manner (“unleashed the demon-beast in the crowd”). The headmaster is disappointed and looks into her eyes, using Soul Gaze. Vivian does not successfully attack, but does successfully defend. Vivian looks into his SOUL and finds that he sees himself as a warrior king atop a golden throne with subjugated serfs. He appears bestial but controlled. Aspect: Dark Wizard, Darker Heart. Vivian goads dank wizard with awesome, super clever quip.

Viv meets Chloe, Sabine, and Molly. Viv details exactly what just happened to her in vivid detail. Chloe blabs that the headmaster used Soul Gaze. Chloe texts Viv asking to have her help get her into the headmaster’s office. Chloe explains that she touched the blood, dude. Molly tells everyone about the book. Sabine: “Hey guys guess what the monster is Amber.” Chloe touches Michael’s creepy book and gets a faint flash of a gnarled wrinkled old man with patchy hair and beard writing furiously by candlelight. Chloe recognizes old dead language in book as Acadian. Molly explains about failed attempt to get in steam tunnels.

Dinner time! Viv decides to not join the team in the steam tunnels. Sabine cooks up a plan to test the surveillance on Viv by having her go to places and try to get out of sight to see what happens. Sabine also wants to call her sister to have her look into the book.

Sabine call sister. Simone answers and Sabine blabs that headmaster is wizard, she ate a policeman’s mind, and about creepy book, blood mural. Sabine asks for Simone’s help with book and reading Acadian. Simone doesn’t believe that the headmaster is aware of who Sabine is. Simone tells Sabine that her father would love to hear any more details about headmaster. Simone will look into getting help translating Acadian. Sabine tells Simone that Viv is in danger, is a snake-person, and is useful to her, and that she cares about me.
Sabine asks Chloe if she is able to detect magic. Chloe says she will try, but she will have to go somewhere with Viv alone. Chloe heads to Viv’s dorm to take her into the closet. Sabine and Molly will hang out in common room. Yooningale ship confirmed. Chloe uses The Sight on Vivian; she sees a mark superimposed on the snake’s body and detects an aspect on Vivian: Scarred by the Devil. Chloe gets a feeling that there is another being or presence aware of Vivian. Chloe “smells” that the presence is similar to the magic that Chloe was exposed to last night. Chloe bleed and collapse… again.

Ashwood Academy Episode 4 - Dorm Delvers

With Vivian having gone with her parents to discuss her safety on campus, Chloe, Molly and Sabine sought out to investigate the missing/dead students in the incident last night to see if they could unearth some clues.

Chloe went to the library to do some research and discovered that Ms. Alberts had locked it up, crying inside over yesterday’s mess. After an awkward exchange, Chloe poured over some reading material looking for more information regarding the demon-beast from last night and her strange dream with the naked child and large wolf creature. For the demon-beast, she discovered an obscure reference to a unique being that comes from the Nevernever and maintains its physical form by consuming bodies in the material plane. Regarding the wolf-child, she found only tangential theories of wolves in dreams and wolves’ significance in the local lore. Perhaps Chloe was visited by some sort of spirit entity? Coming up short of substantial answers, Chloe called Sabine and left to meet up with her and Molly.

Molly, Chloe and Sabine paid a visit to Howie Lampus’s dorm in Astor Hall, and ran into Patrick Stanley on their way in. Patrick made some obscene (and pathetic) passes at Chloe, who feigned interest. Inside, Molly took the lead and knocked on Howie’s door; when he answered, he was carrying a half-packed duffel bag and explained that he’s leaving “for the weekend” (possibly forever?) and Molly found out that Michael (one of the missing students) lives in 216. Before Molly left, Howie mentioned that he heard that Amber went crazy the night prior and started stabbing people, resulting in the numerous deaths. Molly left to visit Michael’s room.

Molly arrived at Michael’s room to find him gone. Chloe and Sabine met back up with her and tried to convince her to break into his room, but Molly decided that B&E in brought daylight was too risky and they all left to investigate the dead female students’ rooms instead. Sabine and Molly decided to go to Morrigan Hall to look at Evelyn’s room, but discovered a policeman outside. Sabine approached him (Officer Rodriguez) and successfully flexed her family’s clout in Oregon (with a little help from her vampiric influence). Officer Rodriguez wanted to hear more about what she knew of the incident and escorted her towards the temporary police headquarters on campus. Meanwhile, Molly entered Evelyn’s room and found that it had already been reviewed by a CSI team and they took her computer. Molly took her diary and while leaving the building was accosted by Kim Davis and her flunkettes. Enduring some verbal put-downs, Molly was able to escape and left the building.

Chloe decided to head to Lavinia Hall alone to look at Christine’s room. Chloe knocked on the adjoining room’s door; a crying girl across the hall told her it’s her room, and explained that the police took Christine’s computer. Attempting to be consoling towards the crying girl, Chloe got roped into a group discussion about Christine’s death.

Vivian arrived back on campus and visited Joey’s and Roger’s dorms; both had notes on their doors that indicated that they were likely getting stoned down by Cross Lake. Satisfied that they were fine, Vivian called Sabine (with her new phone provided by her loving parents), who mentioned that Chloe is at Lavinia Hall. Vivian headed to Lavinia Hall and interrupts the group cry-sturbate session to give Chloe her new number. A few texts between Viv and Chloe later, Vivian decided to head to Morrigan Hall to see Molly.

Outside Morrigan Hall, Kim Davis (with flunkettes) blows smoke in Viv’s face. Vivian responded with a proper overreaction and backhanded Kim, prompting a short brawl between the four girls. Vivian was able to escape into the building unharmed, and hid out in Olivia Forman’s dorm (#109) for safety. Olivia is a fan of Stabbing Starlight, but still felt uncomfortable alone with Viv in her dorm. Vivian texted Sabine and Chloe to explain what happened.

Sabine decided that ending up in a nest of police was too risky (or possibly just too annoying), and decided to attack Officer Rodriguez’s mind to allow her to escape. Narrowly avoiding killing the man, Sabine successfully incapacitated (read: potentially made into a vegetable) Rodriguez and fled the scene, hopefully unnoticed.

Back in Morrigan, Vivian meets up with Molly and they pay a visit to XXX’s dorm. Inside, Molly and Vivian find it in disarray and set about investigating. Pulling a bed aside, they find some odd drawings on the wall in blood. Vivian hears footsteps approaching, and they both hide under the bed (???).

Will Vivian and Molly be able to avoid getting caught? Will Chloe be able to peacefully read a book ever again? Between Sabine and Vivian, who will be the first to cut an innocent human’s life short? Stay tuned!

Ashwood Academy - The Story So Far
(End of Third Session)

Finding themselves staring at the clock in Mr. Brown’s chemistry class on Friday, Chloe, Vivian and Sabine receive and pass around a note saying that there is a party happening that night at the old gym. Mr. Brown notices the note and calls for Chloe to hand it over. Vivian pipes up with an insult as a distraction, but Chloe eats the note anyway and Mr. Brown sends them to the Principal’s office, where Vivian is assigned one week of detention and Chloe is tasked with helping out at the cafeteria for the following week.

Chloe, Vivian, Sabine and Molly decide to go to the party; Vivian was playing a set at the party anyway, and Chloe, Sabine and Molly wanted to sniff out some suspicious goings-on. That night at the party, Sabine and Molly tried to get into an office at the old gym, curiously guarded by Jacqueline, Amber and Michael. After Vivian’s set ended, Molly brought her to the now-unguarded office and they discovered a door to a basement. In the basement, their schoolmates were engaged in what appeared to be a ritual with a large pentagram on the floor. At the same time, Chloe attempted to use The Sight at the party and was greeted with an image of bodies from different eras of history hanging from the rafters of the old gym before succumbing to the mental strain and passing out, bleeding on the floor. Sabine helped move her to a safe hiding spot under the bleachers.

Back in the basement, Molly recklessly threw herself at the elaborate floor markings and disrupted the pattern, which threw the ritual into chaos. In a wild cacophonous storm, Vivian and Molly ran back upstairs to find Sabine and Chloe only to discover that a monstrous being with large spines protruding from its oozing flesh (and too many teeth in its maw than anyone would like) was whipping around the party at a supernatural speed, snatching kids up as they attempted to flee the gym. Vivian spotted the demon on the gym ceiling, cramming the mangled corpses of their schoolmates in the rafters. When the beast turned its attention to the heroines, Sabine (carrying Chloe) and Molly fled out the nearest window with the beast in hot pursuit, and Vivian panicked and adopted her snake form to try to combat the fiend. Vivian was able to inject her venom into the monster (and take away far too much of its seepage in her mouth…) and it fled.

The fabulous foursome flew back to their dorms to discuss the insane night, and VIvian revealed her transformative powers to Chloe, Sabine and Molly in plain sight. They all agreed to not talk to anyone about what happened and planned to investigate everything after a night of sleep. The next day, police swarmed the campus ostensibly to investigate the events of the night prior, and at breakfast the headmaster made an announcement that the deaths and disappearances of a number of the students is being looked into. Not satisfied, the heroines decided that something was amiss and set out to take stock of their other friends and being investigating. On her way out of the cafeteria, Vivian was approached by her mother, and then her father, who eventually convinced her to come with them until things died down at Ashwood Academy.

The Story So Far...

I would looooove it if ya’ll would fill in a summary of the last few sessions of play here and then start handling logs for y’selves.

There was note passing and a party where viv was awesome and some stuff happened and then a demon ate the shit out of some people and then ?


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