Raven Hall

Raven Hall is an old school building, defunct and locked up tight. It is strictly off-limits to students, with the administration citing unsafeness due to structural wear and tear, toxic building materials, fire and electrical code violations, infestation, animal inhabitation, and such an overly-complete palette of believable issues that any savvy student would be positive they were lying.

Rooms of Interest

Room 114

In A Little Bird Showed Me, Molly Davis and Vivian “Viv” Yoon broke into Raven Hall after a tense encounter with janitor Marcell. Chloë Nightengale later joined them at Vivian’s request, using her psychometry to find their trail—and discovering Viv’s secret in the process. The three of them set off exploring the halls like they’d always wanted to. They didn’t get very deep into the old building, however, as one of the first few rooms they peeked into gave a deeply unpleasant sensation of bubbling fear and disgust which affected Chloë very strongly, and the others a little bit less so. The three fled with the intention to return here at a later date.

In the present semester, on January 17th, Sabine Anaïs Vidal broke into Raven Hall through a window on the north side of the building. Again, Chloë was invited to join her and despite mild efforts to steer Sabine away from the spooky room, she found herself once again in its doorway. Chloë stayed outside while Sabine quite happily explored for a moment, finding a box or chamber that appeared to have been (and no longer was) restraining something with a multitude of hooks and straps and chains.

Raven Library

During Chloë and Sabine’s adventure on January 17th, they explored this small mostly empty library. Though there were no books or files or anything left in the shelves, Chloë noticed a bookshelf showing signs of having been moved recently. A dip into psychometry revealed that Jacqueline Barby and Amber Motes had been here with someone else and pulled the shelf out to get behind it. Unable to move the enormous furniture by themselves, Chloë and Sabine agreed to return later with the others.

Raven Hall

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